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To be able to learn to use the footstraps is important to be able to sail with moderate wind at all points of sailing, 11 to 16 knots, Force 4.
In this way uses a teaching method preferably individual (one student / 1
coach) and also the use of the communication system headzone coaching system.

Sailing with Footstraps

The students will learn to sneak up on the board in order to set foot inside the footstraps.
Understand that the pressure required to sail with his feet on footstraps.
Learning to control the board and the unit so they can keep the board stable glide with his feet in the footstraps.
Control the direction with planing
board in all points of sailing with feet in footstraps.
The acquisition of skills for sailing with his feet on footstraps is crucial to be able to navigate with strong wind without losing control of the board when it bounces on the waves, or when the pressure on the sail increases so much that without having your feet safe, not we can be on the board.
The Lessons Pack of 3 hours is advisable, but may vary depending on the specific characteristics of each student and personal.


Every day from Monday to Sunday by arrangement. (96 109 13 23)

Pack of 3 Classes
Approximate duration of 1h45 / class
150,00 €

Pack of 5 Classes
Approximate duration of 1h45 / class
240,00 €


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