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Pricing classes


Windsurfing Lessons - Private Lessons (up to 2 people max. Having the same level)

  • 1 lesson - 60 € / Pax (approximate duration of 1h45 / class)

  • Pack of 3 classes - 150 € / Pax (approximate duration of 1h45 / class)

  • Pack of 5 classes - 240 € / Pax (approximate duration of 1h45 / class)

Baptisms windsurfing PT - Personal Coach

  • Baptisms until 2 Pax - 60 € / Pax (approximate duration of 1h45)

  • Baptisms until 3 Pax - 50 € / Pax (approximate duration of 1h45 )

Baptisms windsurfing - Groups

  • Baptisms Grups 4 Pax - 38 € / Pax (approximate duration of 2h - Máximo 6 Pax)

  • Baptisms Grups 7 Pax - 35 € / Pax (approximate duration of 3h Máximo 12 Pax)

  • Baptisms Grups 13 Pax - 30 € / Pax (approximate duration of 4h Máximo 18 Pax)

Every day from Monday to Sunday to combine. (96 109 13 23)


These values include, in addition to instruction, all equipment necessary to perform the same and personal accident insurance and liability requirements (Decree-Law n º .108/2009 15 May).
The student is responsible for the material assigned to it, you should make sure that does not leave anything on the beach.
If weather conditions are not favorable minimally (wind too weak or too strong) the class will be canceled and scheduled for another day in agreement with the student.
The student must notify reasonable notice if unable to attend class will (so do not miss school hours).
Students must respect the instructions given during class, (including safety). No school can be held responsible for any accidents as a result of non-compliance with voluntary and conscious of this point.
The student must have common sense and care in handling the equipment.
The student must inform if you have any injuries or problems that might be aggravated by the practice of the sport, the school reserves the right of refusing to refund the full payment amount is understood that the sport is an unacceptable risk to health and welfare of the student.
Cancellations 48 hours prior to the class: There are no cancellation charges.
Cancellations between 24 and 48 hours before class: will be charged  half the value .
Cancellations less than 24 hours of tuition: You will be charged the  full amount.
Cancellations made by the school due to security issues:  There are no costs for students.

The school is in any case returns for payments made by his students for reasons that are unrelated to him.


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