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Testimony of Luís Soares


My dears,
As some of you know, about two weeks ago I started having some classes start at Guincho with Elisiário. I'm so excited about the classes and the winch I decided to write a few words to encourage staff who are still undecided.
I live relatively close, long as I have Guincho beach a goal. Of course, beyond the argument of proximity, there is also the fact that Tues wind that never ends ... However, as the place imposes some respect, I decided immediately that he needed support from someone with experience. Fortunately, after reviewing the options (André Stock
vs Elisiário), the choice was relatively easy. While the André classes are given in groups of four, are those of the individual Elisiário. And above all, the Elisiário has a teaching experience of windsurfing unrivaled nationwide!! I dare even call him Peter Hart Portuguese ... ;-)
So it was so. There Elisiário contacted and started the classes, which also have only good things to say. The support that gives us Elisiário is always very close, which also allows us to quickly learn also gives us the feeling (very important in a place like that) security. Let me tell you that the two classes I've ever had, the Elisiário never left next to me, although we are always being dragged towards the Muchaxo ... ;-) Also, he is tireless in his explanations and has the patience of a saint. Of course, it is also important to note that, thanks to his explanations, yet not destroy any material! :-)
I know that many of the doubters will argue that they have not yet to the Guincho level and therefore will try to postpone his induction for next season ... If what I have said above also served to convince you, maybe the fact that I tell you that my level is also not serve anything special: the first time I walked in Guincho two weeks ago waterstart do not know at all. ..
Hope to see some of you soon at Guincho! Prepare to walk far (walking) and also swim quite ... ;-))
A hug,


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