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Pricing storage of windsurfing equipment


Storage of the complete equipment (board and 1 rigged sail)*

  • 1Day - 5 €

  • 1 Week - 30 €

  • 1 Month - 60 €

*May be allowed to store until 2 sails-rigged if there is space in support. Each user can store the number of sails to understand, if properly packaged in its box.

Every day from Monday to Sunday, to combine. (96 109 13 23)


In the summer time, is installed on the beach of São João da Caparica, concession area of the Pé Pé na Água, Windsurf Center, where the equipment is stored referred to this service.
This service is only available from May to September, during which the Center is installed.
The equipment stored can be used by the owner. If the equipment is used by third parties, beyond the express authorization of the owner of the equipment, will be charged an extra fee of 20 € which will revert to the center, for such use.
The storage is done in a specific location for this purpose, so that the user is responsible for any damage created by third parties.
Center has installed therein motion sensors and door opening, which are connected to an alarm central which is located inside the restaurant Bar Pé Nú. Outside the center there is a light and siren sound that triggers the alarm. In Pé Pé na Água Bar Restaurant is a permanent employee who oversees the security of the entire complex (Pé Nú, Pé na Água and Windsurf Center).
The school reserves the right to cancel the contract whenever storage if the following situations:
Carelessness or negligence in the treatment of center infrastructure and equipment of third parties;
Not respecting a box that has been attributed;
Abusive use by third parties of equipment stored without payment of a fee of 20 €;


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